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Julie Bartkus helps you become the child care program of choice by creating a POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE Child Care Business.Create your POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE Child Care Business!
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Imagine being Authentically and Genuinely HAPPY about Your Child Care Business...

Imagine having a FULL Program With a Waiting List...

Imagine attracting and retaining staff members who are positive, motivated and committed to your vision...

Imagine having more time, freedom and profits...

Welcome to a special place for child care owners who have a strong desire to leap from imagining and dreaming of the day when all of these things are possible (Full Enrollments, Motivated Staff, and more Time, Freedom & Profits) to the reality of experiencing them quicker than ever thought possible.

This special place is Julie Bartkus' Child Care Program of Excellence(TM) Mentorship. It's for child care owners who feel that they have something BIG to bring to life and they realize they need help getting there.

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