Eliminate Workplace Gossip
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Eliminate Workplace Gossip

Would You Like Your Staff
To Stop Gossiping?

Special FREE Offer from Julie Bartkus, President and Founder of Motivate Teachers.


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Here's what you get for FREE today:

#1)  4 audio programs jam-packed with vital information to help leaders break the gossip chain.  Listen and learn at your own pace. 

#2)  A Message To Staff.  You'll love this audio program that you can play for your staff during your next staff meeting or professional development day. You'll experience an immediate change in how they communicate.

That's right-I said you'll see an immediate change in how your staff communicates! This audio program alone is worth 4,000 times the investment you'll make today for the entire program.

Think about that for a moment-all you have to do is play this audio program at your next staff meeting and experience immediate results! If new staff joins your organization they can listen to the program to get on the same page as everyone else. If a staff member wants (or needs) to hear the message again -easy- they can listen again.

"The CD was TERRIFIC!  It really made an impact on my staff today."
Maggie Frank, Executive Director, Crème de la Crème Preschool

Immediate Access - listen on-line! These CDs will also be shipped to you!

Through listening to this audio program your staff will discover:

  • A clear, concise definition of workplace gossip.
  • If they are a link in the gossip chain.
  • How their actions, destructive or constructive, play a major role in determining team morale.
  • The devastating impacts of gossip on morale 5 specific strategies to break the gossip chain.
  • How gossip diminishes professional (and personal) growth.
  • How to overcome hurt feelings caused by gossip.
  • A 9-step success formula for resolving issues positively and directly.
  • The long-lasting and silent impacts of words. You'll also discover methods for reinforcing the ideas presented to achieve long-lasting positive results with your staff.

"My staff was challenged to think about their individual role in perpetuating the gossip chain. They came away from the workshop with a renewed awareness and desire to become part of the solution rather than part of the problem."
Susan Mello, Program Director, Noah's Ark Child Care Center

#3)  Handouts for staff.  I'll also include an outline that you can copy and distribute to your staff so they can take notes while listening to the program.

#4)  Leader's Guide.  You'll also receive a leader's guide.  This e-book is over 100 pages and includes a written step-by-step plan of action to help you eliminate workplace gossip for good. It includes activities and worksheets to share with your team. The worksheets are designed to help your team resolve issues positively and directly.

The program contains several activities - The activities that you'll hear on this program and read in the leader's guide will help you create a team that communicates constructively and interacts positively with one another. And you know what that means - less stress and frustration for you!

Immediate Access - Download Today!

Here's what's covered in the Leader's Plan of Action:

  • 11 steps to create a gossip free workplace
  • 7 main reasons workplace gossip happens
  • 7 gossip zones that employees get caught up in
  • 5 strategies that employees can implement daily to help stop workplace gossip
  • 10 communication barriers that keep workplace gossip alive
  • What not to do when trying to eliminate workplace gossip
  • How to help gossipers break free from the gossip habit
  • The silent and long-lasting negative impacts of workplace gossip


How does all of this sound?  I hope you're really excited about everything that I'm offering for FREE today.  But if you need a little more convincing I'm going to offer you a few bonuses for acting today:


Bonus #1:  Support. For over a decade, I've been working with child care leaders to help them eliminate workplace gossip and create positive and productive environments for working and learning.  I know how stressful it can be to put a plan of action into place to eliminate workplace gossip on your own especially when you're dealing with the negative impacts from it on a daily basis.  The first 100 leaders who take advantage of this FREE offer, will be invited to attend a special conference call with me.  You can submit your questions and receive immediately applicable strategies to help you with your specific situations and get some empathy from myself and other leaders who are also working on eliminating workplace gossip.

Bonus #2:  More Support.  Through listening to these audio programs you'll discover 9 main reasons why workplace gossip exists.  It's important to understand these 9 reasons so you can put a plan of action into place to overcome them.  To further help with your plan of action, I am going to include (for FREE) a 30-day trial membership to the Leadership Connection. During your 30-day trial membership, you will have unlimited access to over 70 audio programs containing tips and strategies from various experts.  BIG PRINT:  With this special offer, after 30 days your FREE membership will automatically convert to a monthly membership in the amount of $24.95.  Again - you may cancel at any time with a simple email to us.  So once you're done listening to all of the audio programs that you feel you need to transform your working and learning environment you can cancel and not pay one penny more.

There will be several programs that I will lead you to in your efforts to transform your working and learning environment including:

*Workplace Mediation
Are you like many leaders who spend 30 - 80% of their time trying to resolve conflicts? Get ready to put a plan of action into place to help you piece relationships together quickly and effectively.

*Conflict Resolution
Discover a 9-step formula for resolving issues positively and directly. Share this fantastic formula with your staff and witness conflicts being resolved and attitudes becoming increasingly positive.

*Rebuilding Trust
It's better than a 36% raise! According to Michelle Reina, Ph.D. creating a high level of trust within your workplace generates more positive feelings than a 36% raise. Learn how to help your team let go of resentments and rebuild trust.

Venting is destructive when we vent to the wrong people, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Discover constructive ways for venting your frustrations.

*Personality Conflicts
Do you struggle with your staff resolving conflicts positively and directly? Discover a few new ideas and strategies to help conflicts get resolved within your child care program.

*Dealing With Inappropriate Work Behaviors Effectively
Do you struggle with staff using cell phones, dressing inappropriately or behaving less than professionally at work? Discover specific strategies you can implement to deal effectively with these inappropriate work behaviors. After implementing the strategies presented on this audio program one leader reported a decrease in staff using cell phones at work by 95%!!

Again - you'll gain immediate access to these audio programs and 70 others for FREE today!

I will also make suggestions on various activities you can facilitate with your staff.  All of my recommendations can be followed at your own pace.  Whether you want to move quickly through all of the materials or implement 1 step per month the option is yours.

Bonus #3:  And Even More Support.  With this FREE offer you'll have access to a special  discussion forum where you can share your success and challenges and get support when you need it. 

Are you ready to gain immediate access to information that will help you eliminate workplace gossip?  You will gain immediate access to:

1) 4 audio programs designed to help leaders understand and eliminate workplace gossip.

2) 1 audio program that you can play for your staff at your next staff meeting or professional development day to help them stop gossiping.

3) A 100-page leader's guide filled with outlines for the audio programs, quotes about workplace gossip that you can copy and post and a step-by-step plan of action to help you eliminate workplace gossip.

4)  Handouts for staff.

5)  Invitation to participate in a 1-hour conference call on workplace gossip.  If you cannot make the live call, a recording will be available for you to listen to.

6)  A 30-day FREE membership to the Leadership Connection.  After 30 days your membership automatically converts to a  monthly membership that you can cancel at anytime.  Cancel prior to 30 days and you will be billed nothing but the shipping charge. After 30 days you will be billed $24.95/month until you cancel.

You'll Gain Immediate Access To Over 70 Audio Programs With Your Trial Membership! 

This membership will blow you away!  Talk about gaining immediate access to time-tested, results-getting solutions to the challenges that child care leaders are faced with daily!  Talk about having a competitive edge.  You'll have it!   With your membership you will gain immediate access to over 70 audio programs to help you manage, motivate and retain great staff, a forms resource library, team building activities for staff and our member's only discussion forum.  Additionally as long as your membership is active you will receive a new CD in the mail every month featuring a leadership topic, staff appreciation idea and team building activity.  Again you can cancel this membership anytime you would like.  There's no obligation.

If you're still wondering if it's worth it to invest a few minutes of your time and a small shipping charge for information that's worth thousands, let me provide you with a breakdown of the audio programs and their content:

Parts 1 & 2: Frequently asked questions

On these 2 audio programs you'll discover the answers to the following questions:

  • How do you know if gossip is a problem?
  • Can women work together without gossiping?
  • What can you do about staff who gossip with parents?
  • What disciplinary actions can you take with staff who gossip?
  • What are some of the most devastating consequences from gossip?
  • How do you prevent new employees from listening to negative staff?
  • How can you help staff understand the difference between sharing information because they care about others, and the right of others to decide what information about themselves that they would like to have shared?
  • What can you do when you walk into a room and notice staff are talking (or gossiping), but when they see you they stop and move away from each other?

These are just a sampling of the questions that will be answered.

Part 3: Is it or isn't it gossip?

On this audio program, you'll gain a greater understanding of what gossip is and why people gossip. I break gossip down into 7 different zones to help you gain an understanding of where gossip comes from and what can be done to stop it. Can you define gossip in a simple sentence so your staff will know precisely what gossip is? I'll present you with a clear definition of gossip to share with your staff. There will be no more confusion about what gossip is and what gossip isn't.

Part 4: A leader's plan of action

Would you value a step-by-step plan of action to help you eliminate gossip? This audio program presents you with 11 essential strategies to help you eliminate gossip for good. It answers the question: what can leaders do to break the gossip chain?

Part 5: A message to staff

The next best thing to your staff attending my live program on gossip is your staff listening to this audio program. It contains a customized message to staff about gossip. This is a great audio program to listen to during a staff meeting or professional development day. Your staff will discover:

  • The devastating consequences of gossip on morale.
  • The long-lasting and silent impact of words.
  • If they are a link in the gossip chain.
  • A clear, concise definition of workplace gossip.
  • Specific strategies to break the gossip chain.
  • How to overcome hurt feelings caused by gossip.
  • A success formula for resolving issues positively and directly.
  • How gossip diminishes professional (and personal) growth.
  • How their actions, destructive or constructive, play a major role in determining team morale.

If you're serious about breaking the gossip chain and creating a more positive, productive and dynamic environment for working and learning, gain immediate access to all of this information today!

So what's the catch? 

I want to introduce you to a tremendous resource that I created called the Leadership Connection.  This resource provides you with top-notch leadership tools, support and answers you need to manage, motivate and retain great staff.  Your colleagues who are members rave about it.  So I wanted to offer you an incentive (my gossip elimination program) that you would find very difficult to pass up.  With this offer you'll be able to check out the Leadership Connection and use the information to really help you - for FREE today.  Our members rave that it is a time-saving, money-saving, frustration-reducing resource. 

Here's what one of your colleagues had to say:

"Use this resource- the web site, CD's, etc! It's at your fingertips to help you deal with the challenges you have to face daily. Every topic featured is applicable and helps me refocus on my vision and clarify my goals. It provides the tools needed to help me feel grounded with the work I do everyday. It's a tremendous resource that can benefit all child care professionals if they reach out and use it. Don't reinvent the wheel; it has been "invented" for you..."
Kathy Kingston, Director, Bright Horizons

I am also hoping that after you see - first hand - how valuable all the information is you will spread the word to your colleagues about the Leadership Connection and how it can help them overcome their daily challenges.  This FREE offer for the gossip elimination program is only valid for the first 500 leaders who respond.  So if you know any colleagues who are struggling with workplace gossip, please click on the "tell a friend" link on the top of this page so they have the opportunity to take advantage of this special offer.


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