Julie Bartkus helps leaders manage, motivate and retain great staff through eliminating destructive communication patterns and mindsets that keep teams stuck.Staff Motivation Solution For Child Care Directors and Owners.
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Happy Staff Equals Higher Profits!

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Attract and retain higher quality staff?

Eliminate turnover, absenteeism and tardiness?

Experience staff members setting and achieving new goals?

Have more time to get to the things you value most?

Hello Child Care Owners and Directors, My name is Julie Bartkus. I've been helping child care owners and directors transform their child care teams for the past 17 years. If you found this site, chances are you are searching. Searching for solutions to the challenges you face as a child care leader. Challenges that keep you up at night and occupy your mind all throughout the day. Challenges that your family and friends just don't understand. Well, I'd like to welcome you to the Motivate Teachers community, a place where your challenges, frustrations and hardships are understood. A place where solutions to your leadership and staff motivation challenges can be found.

Featured Resources
Workplace Gossip Video InterviewsWorkplace Gossip Video Interviews
Julie Bartkus goes inside one child care program to speak candidly about workplace gossip and why it's so tough to eliminate it. During this 6 part video series you'll discover what some of the myths are about workplace gossip and how you can start eliminating it and create a workplace that cultivates a climate of constructive communication. . . . keep reading

Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Coach, Shares a Transformational Plan of Action To Help You Manage, Motivate and Retain Great Staff!Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Coach, Shares a Transformational Plan of Action To Help You Manage, Motivate and Retain Great Staff!
Discover 7 steps to creating your child care dream team. During this 70 minute video you'll discover how to manage, motivate and retain great staff. Also - most people think they know what staff motivation is and they got it all wrong. Julie will share what some of the common misunderstanding are around staff motivation so you can have an excellent child care team. . . . keep reading

Cell Phones, Thongs and Dancing on Tables: How To Deal With Negative Work Behaviors Effectively!  AUDIOCell Phones, Thongs and Dancing on Tables: How To Deal With Negative Work Behaviors Effectively! AUDIO
Do you struggle with staff using cell phones, dressing inappropriately or behaving less than professionally at work? Discover specific strategies child care directors implement to deal effectively with these inappropriate work behaviors. After implementing the strategies presented on this audio program one leader reported a decrease in staff using cell phones at work by 95%!! . . . keep reading

Workplace Gossip Symptoms
There are many signs that workplace gossip is present and preventing you from creating a "dreamy" workplace. In this video, I share with you some of the most common workplace gossip symptoms that I coach child care leaders to overcome so they can create their dream teams. How many symptoms you can relate to? . . . keep reading

Child Care Leaders: Do You NEED to be liked?
I just wrapped up an amazing program in Oklahoma City. And yes - the weather was perfect:). I got to spend an amazing day with a group of child care directors and owners - helping them create their dream teams. One topic surfaced during my Q&A session that simply popped out at me as something that keeps many leaders stuck when they try to achieve long-term staff motivation and that is - - their own NEED to be liked. . . . keep reading

Reduce The Cost of Turnover in Your Child Care
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
It's not like you have to sit there and write a check out to turnover every month. If you're dealing with turnover, the money related to turnover slowly drips out of your bucket month after month after month. And the truth is it all ads up. The typical cost of turnover is about 30% of what you would pay the person who leaves your organization. Imagine if you had to write out a check to turnover every month!! Plus studies show that when turnover happens, the productivity of 3-4 other employees is negatively impacted. . . . keep reading
Money and Staff Motivation
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
The question often comes up about money and motivation. How much do I have to pay my staff to have a motivated team? How much do other people pay their staff? How much do I have to invest in my staff to keep them motivated? These are just a few of the questions that I've received over the years. And I want to let you know that money is important in a couple of ways BUT it's also not a huge motivator in and of itself for staff. Typically when we hear staff complaining about money or they say they have to take another job because of money -- it's systematic of other things going on in your workplace. The only exception to this being true is that if you're really paying your staff under what the average rate in your area is. Otherwise it's critical to look at what's really "de-motivating" your staff so you can turn it around. Money is important in 2 major ways... . . . keep reading
Fill Enrollments Like You Fill Your Sandbox
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
Fill Enrollments Like You Fill Your Sandbox Imagine if it came time to fill your sandbox and you started putting one little granule of sand in your box at a time. How long would it take you to fill your box? A very long time -- right? Yet, when it comes to enrollment building and hiring staff we tend to think one person -- one enrollment at a time. And if you're currently experiencing this -- you might be thinking: "Yep, it takes an incredibly long period of time to fill enrollments and hire staff this way." Yet, we continue on the same path, filling spots, one-by-one. It's a daily challenge and a daily stress to think about all of "your openings." What if there was a better way? What if you could fill enrollments and job openings -- like how you fill your sandbox? . . . keep reading
Achieve BIG Profits in your small child care business
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
Achieve BIG Profits in your small child care business I was recently asked to write a chapter in a book that's going to be distributed to entrepreneurs world-wide. My chapter is called: Play Big or Go Home: 7 Steps to Achieving BIG Profits in Your Small Business. Exciting -- right? If you think that's exciting -- wait until I tell you about the Child Care TV show (yes, real TV) that I'm being considered for. I'll share more about that with you another time. But for now, I thought I would share with you one step to help you achieve BIG profits. Especially since my Child Care Business Success Conference 2 weeks ago, my mind is flooding with ideas and strategies that I want to share with you to help you create a more profitable, productive and positive child care program. Here's the first step that I would really like you to think about. To achieve BIG profits in your small business, you have to invest in yourself. And yes, I mean you have to, every year, make a financial investment in YOU. When I first started my business I spent many years peering in through the windows -- so to speak -- at any free resource that was available to help me. I gathered bits and pieces of information, clung on to them tightly, and filled them all away for safe keeping. All because I kept telling myself: I can't afford to do this or to do that. But I realized that I became a gatherer of information instead of an implementer of action. I simply didn't know what steps I should take to get me to the next place of growth. Often times my thoughts became all jumbled up and I would procrastinate -- not taking any solid action. Then, in my heart, I felt a deep desire... . . . keep reading
Getting Over The Fear of Competition: What are other child care programs doing??
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
Getting Over The Fear of Competition:  What are other child care programs doing?? How do I get over my fear of "the competition?" I fear they are better than us and staff and parents will find out and leave. Do you fear your competition? Do you get caught up thinking about how the child care programs down the road are better than you? I've often heard that child care leaders don't even share information at local child care meetings because they're each other's competition and don't want other programs to really know what they're up to. I've also heard child care owners and directors fear that staff will take what you've invested in them and leave to go somewhere else for more pay. The problem with fearing the competition is that it can become an all-consuming fear that leads to procrastination, self-doubt and anxiety. When self-doubt, worry and anxiety set in, you stop living in your vision. You start living and managing your child care program by fear. You start feeling less than and your program really suffers. You start to feel exhausted, depleted and defeated. And consciously and even subconsciously you start to project a negative energy that's palpable. . . . keep reading
The Wrong Way To Handle Problems With Staff
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
The Wrong Way To Handle Problems in your Child Care Program The question I'm answering this week is: What are some ways to deal with my staff members and all of their problems? It seems regardless of what I do to handle problems, they don't go away. There are always more problems! Does this sound familiar -- problems that don't go away? Or after you think problems are solved -- there are more. What's the problem with problems and the way that we handle them in our child care programs? The biggest mistake that many leaders make is trying to get to the root or the main cause of the issue that two people are having. This eats up countless of hours of time and really depletes morale. Another mistake that is made is telling staff members that when they have an issue or a problem with someone that they should go and work it out directly with the person who they have the conflict with. This rarely happens for several reasons. Here's the problem with problems. . . . keep reading
Stop Doing and Start Being
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
Stop Doing and Start Being So often we're looking and trying to figure out the formula to running a successful child care program by thinking and asking ourselves the question: What else do I need to do? What else do I need to do to become more profitable? What else do I need to do to motivate my staff? What else do I need to do attract dreamy families? While those are all good questions an important one gets left out. That question is: What do I need to stop doing? . . . keep reading
Are your new hires imposters?
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
Are your new hires imposters? The question that I'm answering this week is: How come I feel like the staff who I hire are imposters? I coined this happening early on as the "imposter syndrome" after many child care owners and directors came to me and stated things such as: They're not who they claim to be! They put on their "best" for the interview, I hire them, and then I find out they are someone else. They interviewed so well and then when they got into the classroom they became someone else! Have you ever had similar thoughts? There are 3 things you can consider adding to your hiring process to make sure you really know who you are hiring so you don't fall victim to the "imposter syndrome" when it comes to hiring staff. Here's what I fundamentally believe. . . . keep reading
The Missing Link With Motivating Your Child Care Staff
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
The Missing Link With Motivating Your Child Care Staff The Missing Link With Motivating Your Child Care Staff Julie Bartkus answers the following question: We're in an important industry doing important things, why do my staff become so complacent and feel like they're dragging to come into work. I mean really? We're changing the future here and I often feel like they're coming in just to get a check. Ah…complacency. It's a big topic to tackle and I agree, you are in such a profound profession. But don't feel alone by any means. Complacency and disengagement happen in all industries…in all jobs. But it doesn't have to!! There are a couple of things that are often missing in child care programs and of course, it starts with the owners and directors and what you're modeling for your staff. I've been preaching that message for 15 years in the child care industry. But what is it that we need to model? What is it that you need to bring to the forefront of your mind as you lead your team? . . . keep reading
Incorporating the WOW Factor into Your Child Care Business...
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
Incorporating the WOW Factor into Your Child Care Business... Incorporating the WOW Factor into you Child Care Business... Julie, I really want to stand out as the child care program that leaves people saying "WOW" about their experience with us. How do I get my staff to the point where they want to WOW each other, WOW new staff members and WOW the parents? My Answer… I'm a huge fan of the WOW factor because it generates positive word of mouth about you and your child care program. I also call this "positive gossip." And that's what you want -- right? People exclaiming their excitement all over the place about you!! The great news is: this is easier than you think. The bad news is: many child care owners and directors are doing it wrong. I'll boil it down to a couple of achievable steps with my response. Here's how to get to WOW pretty easy. . . . keep reading
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"I first heard Julie speak at a childcare conference last Fall and immediately knew that she was our missing link. Over the years we've struggled enormously to motivate our employees and improve the quality of our work environments. 10 minutes after she finished her presentation, I'd signed her up to come to CT on two occasions. In February she spent two full days with our directors and assistant directors, and as much as hate words like this, it was indeed transformational. Julie is the real deal and I guarantee she'll bring things to your programs that will also be "transformational."

Gerry Pastor & Jane Porterfield, Owners, Educational Playcare LTD

"When I first took over the center, staff were beginning to look for other jobs and wouldn't recommend the center to friends or family for jobs or childcare. Now, I have people calling me and emailing me for work and child care openings. I feel like I've built the foundation for a successful business."

Kathy Monahan, Owner

“Investing in Julie’s programs was the BEST decision I made. Julie has this incredible insight to be able to look at a child care program and communicate what action steps need to be taken to create an excellent program including a motivated team. Since working with Julie we have attracted some of the best staff members possible.”

Tami Nix, Owner, Archway Academy.

"Can you believe we still have all our staff from your inspiring  us so many years ago?  We also just recently won the BEST PRESCHOOL AWARD in Waltham for the tenth consecutive year."  

Phyllis A. Regan, Owner,
The Carousel School

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