Julie Bartkus helps leaders manage, motivate and retain great staff through eliminating destructive communication patterns and mindsets that keep teams stuck.Staff Motivation Solution For Child Care Directors and Owners.
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Stand in Confidence as You Manage, Motivate & Retain Great Staff with Time-Tested, Results-Getting Strategies and Tools Proven To Transform Your Workplace While Saving you Time and Money...

Would you like to:

Attract and retain higher quality staff?

Eliminate turnover, absenteeism and tardiness?

Experience staff members setting and achieving new goals?

Have more time to get to the things you value most?

Hello Child Care Owners and Directors, My name is Julie Bartkus. I've been helping child care owners and directors transform their child care teams for the past 17 years. If you found this site, chances are you are searching. Searching for solutions to the challenges you face as a child care leader. Challenges that keep you up at night and occupy your mind all throughout the day. Challenges that your family and friends just don't understand. Well, I'd like to welcome you to the Motivate Teachers community, a place where your challenges, frustrations and hardships are understood. A place where solutions to your leadership and staff motivation challenges can be found.

Featured Resources
Workplace Gossip Video InterviewsWorkplace Gossip Video Interviews
Julie Bartkus goes inside one child care program to speak candidly about workplace gossip and why it's so tough to eliminate it. During this 6 part video series you'll discover what some of the myths are about workplace gossip and how you can start eliminating it and create a workplace that cultivates a climate of constructive communication. . . . keep reading

Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Coach, Shares a Transformational Plan of Action To Help You Manage, Motivate and Retain Great Staff!Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Coach, Shares a Transformational Plan of Action To Help You Manage, Motivate and Retain Great Staff!
Discover 7 steps to creating your child care dream team. During this 70 minute video you'll discover how to manage, motivate and retain great staff. Also - most people think they know what staff motivation is and they got it all wrong. Julie will share what some of the common misunderstanding are around staff motivation so you can have an excellent child care team. . . . keep reading

Staff De-Motivators, 31-part Video Training: Video #1Staff De-Motivators, 31-part Video Training: Video #1
What drains your staff of their motivation? During this 31-part video training you'll know what the answer to that question is as Julie Bartkus opens up her file cabinet filled with over 17 years of research to share with you her findings. After you devour all of the juicy information contained in these videos you'll be able to stand in confidence as a child care leader and help your team accomplish great things! . . . keep reading

Hiring Child Care Staff: Where are they??
This is another one of those questions that keeps surfacing for me. Child care owners and directors ask me to share where they can find their ideal candidates. During coaching sessions I am asked: Where are they? Where can we find them? Where's the best place to look? . . . keep reading

Empower Your Child Care Team To Make Changes Without Nagging or Begging
One of the questions that I often get asked is: How do I inspire my early care and education staff members to make changes without nagging or begging? Without having to dangle the proverbial "carrot" in front of them at all times? Child Care Leaders often struggle getting their staff members to do the simplest tasks like changing the garbage bag or replacing toilet paper. . . . keep reading

Incorporating the WOW Factor into Your Child Care Business...
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
Incorporating the WOW Factor into Your Child Care Business... Incorporating the WOW Factor into you Child Care Business... Julie, I really want to stand out as the child care program that leaves people saying "WOW" about their experience with us. How do I get my staff to the point where they want to WOW each other, WOW new staff members and WOW the parents? My Answer… I'm a huge fan of the WOW factor because it generates positive word of mouth about you and your child care program. I also call this "positive gossip." And that's what you want -- right? People exclaiming their excitement all over the place about you!! The great news is: this is easier than you think. The bad news is: many child care owners and directors are doing it wrong. I'll boil it down to a couple of achievable steps with my response. Here's how to get to WOW pretty easy. . . . keep reading
Refuse to do this when delegating to your child care team!
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
Refuse to do this when delegating to your child care team! I try to delegate and it just doesn't work out. What can I do to delegate and really have people take ownership of the task? This is a fantastic question that often comes up. Delegation is so critically important to your success as a leader but there are many things that can happen that prevent you from delegating effectively. By effectively, I mean in a way where staff members take ownership of the task at hand. Where they want to do a good job. Where they think about the task and do the very best job possible. Here's the problem that most leaders run into when delegating. There's one thing that you simply have to refuse doing… One of the biggest things you have to refrain from doing is taking the task back. I know, I hear you - it's tough to let go of control. It's tough to wait while someone else handles it. It's tough to sit and wonder if it's getting done right. And it can be painful to watch while someone else does it their own way. . . . keep reading
Running Out of Band-Aide Solutions To Motivate Your Child Care Staff?
Running out of Band-Aids To Motivate Your Child Care Staff? Child Care Owner, Bonnie, asks Julie Bartkus: "I've tried everything I can think of to motivate my staff. And I know that I can't get my business to a dreamy place until I get some staff motivation solutions in place! Please help with where I need to start." Julie's answer… It's true that there are many solutions out there that I call "band-aides." And they're not really solutions at all. Many owners and directors try applying band-aides for 10, 20, or 30 years and the BIG problem is that they only temporarily cover things up before they eventually fall off. The other problem with band-aide solutions is that even though they seem like the cheaper option in the present moment, you have to keep investing in them. And they end up costing you a lot more. How many band-aide solutions have you tried to implement? . . . keep reading
Retention Problems in Your Child Care Program?
Retention Problems in Your Child Care Program? The question that I'm answering today is about retention -- retaining high quality child care staff and parents. If you're dealing with retention issues you might be banging your head up against a wall trying to figure out why it keeps happening. Perhaps you look at the economy and think that that's the cause. And then you look at other centers in your area and you get validation because it's apparent they're having retention problems as well. Making it easy to proclaim: " It's an industry issue. Everyone has retention issues!!" . . . keep reading
Controlling Child Care Staff
Child care owners and directors often ask me how they can change their staff members' behaviors. How can I get team members to love their jobs? How can I get team members to want to come to staff meetings? How can I get team members to stop gossiping? How can I get team members to come to work on time? How can I get team members to be more professional with parents? And the list goes on. Can you relate to any of these questions? Over the years I have studied many methods that directors and many other top-level managers use when it comes to motivating their staff. And there's one place that is absolutely magical to start at when it comes to change and inspiring change within others. . . . keep reading
Why won't my child care staff change?
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
Why won't my child care staff change? Why won't my child care staff change? This is a BIG question and one that so many child care owners and directors have struggled with for years. I've heard the stories about leaders telling staff members what they need to do and they don't do it. Maybe they change for a little while and then they fall right back into their old patterns. I've heard stories about child care owners hiring trainers to come in and address certain issues in hopes of a Big change happening and their efforts fall flat. I've witnessed staff members committing to make constructive change happen and they only maintain that commitment for a short period of time. So why it is that staff members don't change? . . . keep reading
You Gotta Do This To Get Them To Buy
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
In this day and age there's one thing that's critically important when it comes to managing a successful child care program. It's often the missing ingredient when marketing your program and motivating your staff. Yup, I said it. This one thing overlaps into both areas and additionally, it contributes to your happiness. Wow…what could it be? This one thing has to do with how people make decision to buy. And when I say buy I mean buy anything that you're selling. This could be a job, it could be your vision, it could be to enroll with your program. . . . keep reading
This One Thing Can Change Your Life...
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
There are many success strategies and secrets that you can learn to help your child care program become more successful. None of them, however, have been so profound to me as something I learned when I first started putting myself out there to the world in a bigger way. This one thing changed my professional life as well as my personal life. It changed my life when I divorced my first husband and had to get my life back together. This one thing changed my life when I felt like I was suffocating in the corporate world. This one thing changed my life again after my second husband, Tom, unexpectedly and suddenly passed away last year. This one thing continues to work miracles for me as long as I remain consciously aware of its power. It's life-changing and program building. It lifts morale and attracts dreamy clients to you. It makes your day less stressful and more fun. It's something that you can start doing today. It's something you can model for the kids, staff and parents. . . . keep reading
Child Care Owners' Deepest Fears
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
What fears keep you stuck and prevent you from playing a bigger game in your life and in your child care business? People of all different levels of success have fears. This past year I coached extensively with a multi-millionaire who has accomplished amazing things in his business and in his personal life and he admitted that he still has fears. He says -- when you reach a new level in your life, you encounter a new devil, a new fear that you need to conquer. Fears come in all shapes and sizes and can cause you to freeze and not move forward in your life. I recently met a man who is in the public eye and he does all kinds of things that are scary to me but he is deathly afraid of mice. I on the other hand, don't mind mice. Like I said, fears come in all shapes and sizes. What stops one person will propel another and what propels another with freak someone else out. . . . keep reading
The 2 E's of Commanding Higher Fees in your child care program.
Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Expert
The 2 E's of Commanding Higher Fees in your child care program. Do you have a strong desire to raise your fees but when you think about it -- self-doubt, anxiety and fear comes crashing in? Do you start thinking things like:

Who would pay more for child care?
We're not the best in the area.
We're in a bad location.
Parents have enough other things to pay for.
We have high turnover.
Our equipment needs to be updated.
Staff members are not passionate about their work.

I'm sure you can fill in the blank with more things that pop into your head when it comes to commanding higher fees. I hear it all the time from my clients who are afraid to fulfill the desire that's in their heart when it comes to getting paid what they're worth. . . . keep reading

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"I first heard Julie speak at a childcare conference last Fall and immediately knew that she was our missing link. Over the years we've struggled enormously to motivate our employees and improve the quality of our work environments. 10 minutes after she finished her presentation, I'd signed her up to come to CT on two occasions. In February she spent two full days with our directors and assistant directors, and as much as hate words like this, it was indeed transformational. Julie is the real deal and I guarantee she'll bring things to your programs that will also be "transformational."

Gerry Pastor & Jane Porterfield, Owners, Educational Playcare LTD

"When I first took over the center, staff were beginning to look for other jobs and wouldn't recommend the center to friends or family for jobs or childcare. Now, I have people calling me and emailing me for work and child care openings. I feel like I've built the foundation for a successful business."

Kathy Monahan, Owner

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