Julie Bartkus helps you become the child care program of choice by creating a POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE Child Care Business.Create your POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE Child Care Business!
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Become the Child Care Program of Choice by Creating Your POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE Child Care Business!

Work with Julie Bartkus and experience the results her clients get including:

*Grow your child care business by as much as 33% in 60 days

*Cultivate a positive workplace culture in as little as 60 days

*Get your head and spirit back in "the game" of creating your dreamy child care program

*Fill enrollments in as little as 90 days

*Leap from overwhelmed to overjoyed - reclaiming your time

*Secure as many as 15 new enrollments at your Open House

*Discover where up to $1.5 million dollars is leaking out of your pocket so you can keep more of what you make

From The Desk of Julie Bartkus...


Have you ever said to yourself: "This is just the way it is..."

Perhaps that statement refers to how thin profits are in the child care industry or how it's hard to find good staff or how a group of woman working together will always lead to gossip in the workplace. Or maybe it's about your own motivation levels as you try to keep your passion alive as your child care business grows and thrives. Maybe it's about the competition and how you'll never be as big and offer as many things as they do. For the past 17 years, I've heard this statement used in so many different ways and today I want to share with you that things can totally transform in your child care business starting with your own levels of enthusiasm for the baby (your business) you gave birth to.

I know...it's tough because you have so many demands and can't seem to get your staff to be your RAVING fans.

And maybe it seems to be a never ending cycle of filling spots. More enrollments, more qualified child care staff.

This may lead you to believe that you're not doing enough.

Not marketing enough, not giving enough, not learning enough.... Perhaps sometimes you feel like you're simply not enough.

It's exhausting and your vision crumbles. When I speak to child care owners around the world I often use the example of a willow tree in a storm. It bends and moves in the direction the wind blows until finally it can't take the pressure and pieces of it start to break off. The tree that we had in our back yard when I was a child actually ended up snapping in half. It cracked right down the middle. It's common for this to happen with a child care owner's vision.

The truth is - this is one profit killer in your child care business - lack of vision and lack of having people on board with that vision. And maybe you never thought of it that way but another BIG truth is: How you do anything is how you do everything. It's one of my favorite sayings from one of my mentors.

The problem is that too many child care owners and directors are putting big, expensive band-aides over things that need to change instead of getting to the root of the issue and letting the transformation happen. Here's another truth, the clients who I work with experience magical results in their child care programs that help them become authentically happy!! Sound good? And then they discover how to market and sell their child care program from a natural and authentic place within themselves. Next, they are able to attract dreamy staff members and dreamy clients and create a solid base of raving fans in their community. This is what my work is all about and I love it!

If you like what you're hearing so far, I invite you to grab a FREE training that I did for child care owners called: The 5 Profit Killers That Your Security Cameras Will Never Reveal To You. Simply enter in your contact information below and we'll get the training over to you shortly so you can discover more and start plugging those money leaks and keep more of what you make. One of my clients recently discovered where $1.5 Million dollars has leaked out of his pocket. Ouch!!! What would you do with that money?

The issue is that until you become aware, I mean really aware, as to why money is leaking out of your pocket you'll never begin to plugs those leaks and just feel the impact from thin profits, unmotivated staff, lack of clients, etc. It would be very different if you had to write out a check to each of the 5 profit killers ever month but you don't. It slowly drips leaving you thinking "this is just the way it is."

Is NOW the time for you to start changing this?

If you're still reading, maybe you're thinking there's something to what I'm writing and what if there's a way to make this transformation happen. What if...Hmmmm....

What if you can put more profit back into your pocket?

What if you can stand out as the child care program of choice in your community?

What if you consistently attract and retain dreamy staff and dreamy clients?

What if you feel authentically and genuinely HAPPY about your child care business?

Are you ready for a change? Let the transformation begin!

The 5 Profit Killers That

Your Security Cameras

Will Never Reveal To You!


FREE Training For

Child Care Owners!