Create your POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE Child Care Business!
Julie Bartkus helps you become the child care program of choice by creating a POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE Child Care Business.Create your POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE Child Care Business!
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Julie Bartkus, Founder of Child Care Program of Excellence Welcomes You!

What Makes You Different?

What Sets You Apart?

What Will Make You Stand Out as THE Child Care Program of Choice in Your Community?

How about one word? EXCELLENCE.

Excellence means a commitment to quality with everything that you do in your child care program. Here at the Child Care Program of Excellence(TM), we help Child Care Owners:

1. Become authentically and genuinely HAPPY
2. Get on FIRE with a BIG vision
3. Have a passion-driven leadership team
4. Attract and retain dreamy staff
5. Attract and retain dreamy clients
6. Make a huge difference
7. Achieve child care business success

As a result - staff members, parents and your community are your RAVING fans and the children in your care have the most amazing child care experience thanks to you.

From The Desk of Julie Bartkus...


My name is Julie Bartkus and I'd like to welcome you to my ground breaking program for child care owners where these things are our priority. Our commitment is to help child care owners bring EXCELLENCE to life in every aspect of their child care program so parents, staff and your community FEEL the difference when they walk in through the doors to your child care program. And not only will they FEEL the difference - so will you.

Our program is based on the core belief that how you do anything is how you do everything so that you can experience a dynamic and positive shift in your child care program and in your life in record time. The Child Care Program of Excellence(tm) is designed to take a holistic look at your child care business and help you identify what specific action steps you need to take to finally get you the BIG change you've been trying to bring into fruition on your own.

Unlike any other program out there - we do not put band-aides over the challenges you face. Our goal is not to give you countless ideas that get you results for the short-term but rather to implement ideas that will set you up for success and EXCELLENCE for the long-term. Our focus is on quality and sustainability with what you implement so you can get off of the hamster wheel and make progressive change happen from the inside of your program outward.

In my 16 plus years working as an internationally known child care business success coach I've discovered that there's a hierarchy of needs that a child care business owner has. The first is to fill spots. Fill enrollments and get staff in place so you're in ratio. For some - they never leave this place of needing to fill spots because of turnover in clients and turnover in staff. It can become an endless cycle of people leaving and people coming. Many never reach full capacity. They may get to 90% full accept that as their norm and then experience a decline and then start implementing marketing ideas to get their numbers back up there. For those who do achieve full enrollments they then search for ways to increase their profits. Their numbers are still not high enough. Then as time and resources permit they work on the staff motivation piece. Their initial efforts were to get spots filled so they could stay in ratio. Too many owners view staff motivation as a luxury and never get to the point where they have a sustainable - positive and productive workplace culture. Not only does this deplete the true quality of your child care program - it also causes millions of dollars to leak out of your pocket.

Here, at the Child Care Program of Excellence (TM), we are dead-set determined to help you achieve and maintain full enrollments, experience the lifetime value of a client in terms of profits and keep high quality staff in place to support your vision. We believe that all of the pieces (Motivation, Marketing, PR, Quality, Profits) are interconnected and you can't merely treat one aspect of what's not working but you have to make an internal shift that will in essence help you change everything and change it in record time.

Mary made some big shifts happen in record time and she got...

36 Enrollments in 3 Short Weeks!

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*We never rent, sell or give your information to anyone for any reason.
What shifts do you need to make?

We'll help you identify those in our first one-on-one strategy call and get you on your fast track to achieving and radiating EXCELLENCE! As you read through this web-site you'll hear more about some of our members including Mary, who in 3 short weeks, has enrolled a record number of new students - 36!! - and she's attracting the dreamiest staff members in her community to work for her. I couldn't be more thrilled.

There are several parts to our program that make this a truly unique opportunity for the owners who qualify to participate in the program.

If you qualify to be a part of this transformational program, not only will you be able to have a full center with a waiting list, you'll also know how to cultivate a positive and productive workplace culture and attract and retain dreamy staff and clients in your child care program. Additionally, we'll help you stand out as THE Child Care Program of Choice with our EXCELLENCE Seal and plug you into our marketing and PR around the meaning of the Child Care Program of Excellence(TM) so parents who are searching for quality child care find YOU!

My BIG VISION is that every parent who is searching for quality will look for the Child Care Program of Excellence Seal. And when they ask you if you're a Child Care Program of Excellence (TM) you'll be able to say Yes and proudly show off your seal!

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